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Contact our staff by phone or email, or drop in. We check the availability and have a word about pricing and practical things. Usually we ask our customers to make a booking online as well.

Facilities can be booked for one occasion or for longer periods of time which basically means weekly shift. Full working term is September – May, with exceptions that can be talked about. Constant bookings won’t be granted in the main hall. Booking for one occasion can mean an hour, day or for example training- and performing time of the performance.

Please note that booking does not include technics (like sound system, lightning) and it should be booked/rented separately 2 weeks before event. Staff will help you with this. At the moment, tech booking form is only in finnish. Tech rent varies from 42 €/h (including VAT) to 400 €/day.

Info about booking youth house facilities
Booking Form (mandatory when booking, please mention Culture Arena in section room/area)

Pricing list (Finnish)
Booking calendar (Finnish)

common page of facilities/space reservations of Kuopio City


general email :
Janne Kuitu, +358 447182675, janne.kuitu(at)
Sakari Hietala, +358 44 7182678, sakari.hietala(at)
Ulla Vuori, +358 447182676, ulla.vuori(at)


Disco : space for dancing, maximum of 10 people, sound reinforcement system, dance carpet

Hall Puistokoulu : 135 square meter, dance carpet, mirror one wall. Culture Arena manages this near by hall evening hours (15:30 – 22)
and on daytime it is at school use. Situated next to us, Puistokatu 13 (known as ex-Lumit, Puistokoulu).

Puistotupa : includes 2 meeting rooms and 1 a bit bigger meeting room.

Cafe : for meetings, maximum of 30 people, 55″ tv, tables, chairs

Lobby: billiard table, couch, and chairs, tables. There is also a ping-pong table upstairs. Hangers for clothes and belongings

Meeting room aka ”Takkahuone” : located upstairs, not bookable – reserved for game education activities.

Game room : for meetings, maximum of 20 people, a lot different kind of game and digital activity, couches, tables, chairs (not for rent, lot of gaming activities)

Small meeting room: upstairs, at the moment includes game education activity (not for rent)

Band rehearsal space : drums, bass and 2 x amplifier, guitar + 2 x amplifier, keyboard, equipment for singing, percussions

The yard of Kulttuuriareena includes a basket for street basketball and panna- football arena free of use

Whole house; If needed you can have the whole house for you to use, contact the staff about that

Hall : To be used for Theatre, concert, dance and circus purposes. Versatile sound system and lighting equipment. Movable grandstand offers seating area for 220 people. Hall is ”a black box” completely black. Dance carpets, a few folding screens. 40 movable  chairs and 6 movable tables. In case you want to use the hall, please contact the staff. No constant weekly bookings.

Kitchen in the cafe can be used but have to be agreed upon with the staff. Good household skills required. Kitchen offers set of dishes for 30 people.


For youngsters and related organizations/groups our facilities are free of charge.
For adults/other organizations/companies the price is 12 €/hour/room.
For events with entry fee we charge 82 €/hour from the door ticket sale till end of the show (load in, rehearsal etc. 12 €/h).

Tech / PA / Lightning

Please note these are not included for pricing. These services are run By our Music Workshop who can provide sound system (PA) and lightning systems to your event. Naturally you can bring your own technicians as well. Please contact Music Workshop for guidance and pricing.
email : jani.koponen(at)     mobile : +358 440 225 869

Technical equipment list  :  KULTTUURIAREENA44_LAITELUETTELO_2022

Floor plans

whole house

main hall (including electric & light hangers)

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