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Built in 1985 as a youth center to the heart of the city, Kulttuuriareena 44 has gone through various working methods within frame of youth work. Among the first years open youth house and ”traditonal youth work” were the main methods. Year 2000 both cultural youth work and youth information and -counseling were raised as main methods. Estabilishment of Po1nt – youth information network 2008 gave cultural youth work even better changes to operate.

Over the years many projects have been implemented in our facilities – and one of the oldest still remain: music workshop for the unemployed youngsters run by Tukeva association.

Our name Kulttuuriareena 44 is no reference to ”socialistic reality” but the street number: Kauppakatu 44.

Youth Work

To understand a bit more what we are doing and what is our background organization The Youth Services of the City of Kuopio, please jump into following links :

What is Finnish youth work  (Sari Höylä, Humak)

Overview to Finnish youth work education  (Tomi Kiilakoski, Finnish Youth Research Network)

Allianssi – Finnish National Youth Council with lot of information

Kulttuuriareena 44 is a part of The Youth Services of the City of Kuopio

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